Barbara Leithner promoted to management team at Reed Exhibitions Austria

Reed Exhibitions Austria has now raised Barbara Leithner to a new position in executive management. Mrs. Leithner succeeds Dietmar Eiden, the previous chief executive for B2B fairs, who has chosen to leave the company to return home to Germany. 

Barbara Leithner (43) joined Reed Exhibitions in 2010 and has served the company in a wide range of functions. As well as working in Corporate Affairs, she also oversaw the introduction of a new ERP system. Prior to this she played a decisive role in the development and implementation of successful shows, such as the VIECC Vienna Comic Con and the Wiener Immobilien Messe. Consequently, Mrs. Leithner is very familiar with every aspect of the business. Benedikt Binder-Krieglstein, CEO of Reed Exhibitions Austria explains: “In Barbara Leithner the management team welcomes an expo specialist with many years of experience, profound knowledge of our portfolio and the expertise to guarantee its ongoing development.”

One of the key management tasks in this new position will be to administer the organisational restructuring process the company began with the centralisation of communications activities, and the introduction of the ‘Salesforce’ at the beginning of October. Previously, the B2C and B2B agendas were split. Instead, Reed Exhibitions is now planning to separate off sales and distribution from operative expo business to hold a more in-depth dialogue with customers. In the coming months, Barbara Leithner will be joining a fellow member of the management board, Gernot Krausz, to concentrate closely on the development of these new areas, and on restructuring the organisation. The ‘Salesforce’ is to be fully integrated by April 2020. “Our new Marketing Communication will be of benefit in the development of content and brands. ‘Salesforce’ highlights the process of digital transformation, facilitating more efficient, faster, supreme-quality customer service – and the objective, now, is to bring the whole of the organisation into line. In Barbara Leithner and Gernot Krausz we have two strong personalities to move these developments forward, and whose experience will enable them to solve the challenges and implement the tasks to perfection,” stated Reed CEO Benedikt Binder-Krieglstein. (+++)

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